It’s official!


The budgie-remix team is pleased to inform the community that the Ubuntu Technical Board has granted official community flavor status to our distro.  We are pleased to join and be part-of the superb  Ubuntu family.

Starting from today the distro will be known as Ubuntu Budgie.

Ubuntu Budgie Logo

We now move full steam ahead and look forward to working with the Ubuntu Developer Membership Board to examine and work through the technical aspects. Working together will allow us to be adhere to community  standards that other flavors follow. 17.04 will be our first official release under the new name.

We have come a long way in a short time with our first 16.04 release – a major update at 16.04.1 as well as following and taking active part with the Ubuntu release cadence for 16.10.

So what does official flavor status mean? Apart from the obvious official build and hosting facilities – the new Ubuntu Budgie community will be able to take part and officially access help sites such as Ask Ubuntu, Ubuntu Forums,, and others. All of us will share an equal status in the wider Ubuntu family.

There is still lots of things to be done to successfully reach 17.04 Ubuntu Budgie release.  This is an opportunity for everyone to take an active part.  Changing from budgie-remix to Ubuntu Budgie is a massive job – software changes, packaging updates, merging updates upstream, testing the results.  We want everyone to come on-board.  Join us through all our social media channels and let us know how you can help.

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Don’t forget you can massively help us through Patreon and Paypal.  The donations go forward to help all developers who have directly or indirectly contributed their time and effort to budgie-remix and the future Ubuntu Budgie and to cover operational costs.  Without the open-source community Ubuntu Budgie wouldn’t be reality.


Patreon is a great way to donate to us.  Alternatively, PayPal donations are also gratefully received.

We would like to give huge thanks to 16.04 and 16.10 budgie-remix users for continuing to support us – we have exciting changes lined up over the next few months – chief among these will be budgie-desktop 11.  We aim to bring this exciting new desktop update as soon as possible.  16.04.2 in February ’17 will have all the very latest updates and of course 17.04 beckons.


budgie-remix 16.10 released


We are pleased to announce the release of the next version of our distro based on the solid 16.10 Ubuntu release.

This is our first release that follows Ubuntu release cycle – we have worked on getting closely aligned our alpha and two betas in the same manner as Ubuntu and the other official community flavours.

Based on 16.04.1 experiences, feedback and suggestions we have received from our users, the new release comes with a lot of new features, fixes and optimizations:

  • Installation in any language – we ship with more language packs now which should mean a faster install time
  • Support for full disk encryption as well as home folder encryption
    Latest budgie-desktop v10.2.7 with various enhancements and fixes thanks to our friends from Solus
  • Latest Linux kernel 4.8.x
  • A whole bunch of GTK+3.22 GNOME applications
  • Latest version of LibreOffice suite apps – Writer, Calc and Impress
  • 16.10 Community Contest wallpapers – simply gorgeous backgrounds from our contest winners
  • Updated budgie-welcome helping you make the most of your new installation.
  • Option to switch between Arc based desktop to a material design desktop..
  • Release of our new default icon-set, Pocillo
  • A complete revision of the  desktop based applications – have fun with GNOME maps, GNOME weather, Geary (email client as requested by our community), stylish dark-themed and GNOME look and feel Rhythmbox and many others.

london weather welcome

For our laptop users – tlp and thermald are shipped by default – enjoy better battery life and keeping your laptop as cool as possible.

Have we sold you on this yet?!  We are excited – so grab the Download ISOs or Torrents and install.


If you are planning to upgrade from budgie-remix 16.04.1 then we have a step-by-step guide for you to follow.


We haven’t forgotten our 16.04.x users – be sure to look out for fixes coming in an update soon. We’ll be backporting the very latest budgie-desktop, budgie-welcome as well as our new Pocillo icon-set.

By donating, you are helping us continue budgie-remix development and improve it further down the road – Patreon and PayPal are great ways to say thanks!


Patreon is a great way to donate to us.  Alternatively, PayPal donations are also gratefully received.


How to upgrade from budgie-remix 16.04 to 16.10


How do I upgrade to budgie-remix 16.10 ?

Good question – our recommended upgrade method is below – please follow this if you intend to upgrade to budgie-remix 16.10 from budgie-remix 16.04.1.

Best method

  • clean install – backup what you need to a USB external drive and restore later.

Alternatively upgrade as follows:


  • backup – backup – backup – we cannot stress this enough – Use this Q&A to help
  • make sure you are fully up-to-date – don’t miss this step
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
  • Plugin to a wired connection not wireless

Step 1

  • Launch gnome-software:


  • Choose Software & Updates


  • in the update tab change “notify me of a new ubuntu version”  to the value “For any new version”
  • close gnome-software

Step 2

  • CTRL+ALT+T to open a terminal and type the following:
sudo do-release-upgrade
  • press ENTER when requested


  • press y when requested to download all updates


  • press y to remove obsolete packages


IMPORTANT: press n to complete the upgrade i.e. you DONT want to reboot.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:budgie-remix/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo reboot --

If you are using the plank dock with Arc-Theme – start menu – plank preferences
Change the plank theme to GTK+ and the new recommended icon size is 32px

yaywelcome to budgie-remix 16.10!

budgie-remix 16.10 beta 2 is now available


Howdy, budgie-remix users! We’re proud to announce another release of budgie-remix. This time, we’re publishing the beta 2 for the new budgie-remix based on Ubuntu 16.10. While this beta is not final release, it does contain most of the bug fixes and new features that you are going to see with budgie-remix 16.10 final release.

16.10 budgie-remix comes in both 64bit and 32bit ISO’s.  The final release will also include torrents. Download from our SourceForge repository – remember to check out the README for current issues that we are aware of that may affect your installation.


If you have previously installed the alpha or beta 1 version of budgie-remix 16.10 we would ask you to please reinstall this beta 2 – this will allow us catch those last minute installation issues.

One of the most notable changes is the new Budgie Desktop version 10.2.7 update by our Solus friends. This new version of Budgie desktop comes with a much needed keyboard applet for users that need to easily switch between different layouts. All indicator applets are now consistent with each other (left clickable) and Raven launches appropriately when the notification applet is clicked. We have also included the super new volume applet that was developed after the main 10.2.7 release.


Other issues that were fixed are:

  • A one-pixel line where the wallpaper would be visible when a program is maximized in multi-monitor setups has been resolved.
  • Budgie Menu gained a new option to let you open categories by rolling over them. This option is disabled by default, however one can enable it via the Roll-over mouse  option in the Budgie Menu applet settings.  Let us know your thoughts and if we should make this a default option.
  • Chrome apps should now be pinnable.
  • Fixed a crash in the workspaces applet for GTK 3.20.
  • Fixed the dreaded panel-applet-sort issue where sometimes one could see random sorting of the last couple applets on the panel.
  • End Session dialogs will now provide context-specific description and actions, such as Cancel and Logout on a Logout dialog.
  • Pin to Panel for items in the Icon Tasklist are now translatable.
  • Run Dialog will now quit after losing focus.

To find out more, visit Solus OS release info page.

Another thing that most of our users reported is the Moka icon theme compatibility with the desktop itself and the GTK+3.22 apps available in 16.10. This release fixes a lot of different issues with icons.


Pocillo icon theme is coming !😃

This is one of the things that we had a lot of discussion about and why it is needed. While there are a lot other distros that use different icon themes, we feel that budgie-remix needs to be unique and have its own style to differentiate it from other linux distros. For 16.10, Pocillo file and folder icons blend in seamlessly with the gorgeous Arc theme. We’ll be expanding the icon theme in the near future to improve consistency with Moka and Arc.


Every package has been redone, checked and verified by Debian and Ubuntu developers; all of the obsolete packages have been removed so that there is no more unnecessary bloat slowing down your system. Most of these packages are also available to download from Debian and Ubuntu repositories.


Since this release is built upon the superb 16.10 foundations look out for the new linux 4.8.2 kernel as well as the various brand-new GTK+3.22 apps.

With this release, we’re moving forward to unifying Budgie DE experience with Ubuntu as a seamless desktop experience for both the new users and Linux veterans.

Any issues please raise on our bug-tracker.  Drop-by our community chat room to discuss your thoughts as well.

budgie-remix news roundup #6

After taking a bit of a breather over the summer holidays the team are back in full swing.



We have had a substantial financial donation – thanks Felix!

We do need you to help us to remain a viable distro – so if you can afford the cost of just one of your favourite coffee in a month, please consider help us with a small donation.

Paypal is gratefully accepted – regular donors via Patreon would be great!  More details on our Support Us web-page.

Also we have opened a new team member opportunity – fundraiser.  We hope you can join.  Drop in to our Gitter community chatroom to discuss.

16.10 Alpha

We put together our 16.10 alpha – many thanks for all our testers.  The feedback has been valuable.


Alpha to beta changes:


  • Networking has been fixed – we now use the new Canonical Netplan configuration
  • Debian Wallpapers has been removed
  • The ISO can now be installed in all locales offered by the installer
  • The ISO comes with English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese for fast installation.  All other locales and languages are downloaded if required
  • The 16.10 Community Contest wallpapers have been included.
  • Plymouth now correctly displays “budgie-remix”
  • The ISO can now be installed via Ubuntu USB Creator
  • budgie-welcome has been updated to 0.3.10
  • budgie-welcome now launches the Ubuntu Installer when in “live-dvd/USB” mode
  • Rhythmbox defaults to the Arc dark theme – just gorgeous!
  • The spurious gnome-shell session available via the login screen has been removed.


Unfortunately we have decided to drop (at least for 16.10) our change to a new greeter.  This is due to serious upstream issues affecting Debian and Ubuntu that have now (as yet) not been resolved.

We are pleased that more of the budgie-remix packages have now been made available directly from the Ubuntu Universe Repos.  We are nearly there with our aim to get all of the budgie-remix packages into the Ubuntu repositories – a prerequisite for our Official Community Flavour Status application to be considered by the Ubuntu Technical Board.


Future Plans

We are exploring creating a new icon-theme that blends Moka with Arc themed icons – more news on this in the future hopefully … but to give you a flavour – a few Arc-coloured icons from various icon-themes and what we are currently considering for the Files folder icon.


Shush … secret between you and the team …

Try … that website URL could be useful in the future 😉

Community co-ordinator Udara has opened a budgie-remix Facebook page.  Please drop-by, like us and share the page.  Its a great and easy way for budgie-remix to be promoted to the world 🙂

budgie-remix roundup #4


With our fourth news batch, we have some interesting news about budgie-remix’s development and other community related stuff.

Encryption and locale bug that were present during the installation are now fixed. Encryption now works properly and can be turned on/off depending on your choice in our 16.04.1 ISOs that will be soon available for download and available for general use.

Our team leader David “fossfreedom” Mohammed, has become an official Ubuntu member with 100% votes for him to join!😃 David encourages all Ubuntu users to consider membership.

We’ve updated our default selection of wallpapers that come with budgie-remix.

One of the new wallpapers that are part of the new 16.04.1 release

Feel free to visit this link to check out the new wallapapers:

budgie-remix Official Wallpapers for 16.04.1

If you have suggestion on possible new wallpaper that would fit the distro you can always contact us via social networks or via comments on this post. We will be running a 16.10 wallpaper competition so we urge you to seek out the best wallpapers and submit these when the competition is announced in the next couple of weeks.

The welcome app has received more polishing and we have now added specification option that will list your computer’s hardware specification (System Properties). See it in action:

Some of our packages focusing on the visual part of the distro, have been accepted into Debian repositories (moka-icon-theme, faba-icon-theme and arc-theme) and so got synced into the development version of Ubuntu as well.😊 Hopefully, our budgie-desktop package too will be soon available in the repos, as soon as it gets approved by maintainers.

We’ve also added an applet from the fabulous developer Stefan Ric that will allow you to capture screenshots; you can also upload captured images straight to Imgur image hosting service so that you can use it later on. To install, just run this in terminal:

sudo apt install budgie-screenshot-applet

Then add the applet to a panel using Raven


Here’s one screenshot of budgie-remix we spotted in the wild:

We got new official Twitter and Google+ profiles, coz we love to interact more with you, the community!😍 Check ’em out:

Twitter: @budgie-remix


budgie-remix roundup #3


What’s happening?

In the past 2 weeks we’ve seen a lot of progress in the development of the distro, as well with the community development. Community driven support helps us realize the key points on where to go with the development, and what are the most important things for the users of our distro.

Our website has been updated, but we are also preparing new version that will be implemented in the not so distant future.

Going with that, we are working on an updated Welcome app. The first impression is important and the ‘out of the box’ experience should be smooth and pleasant for both new users and professionals alike.



New arc-theme, moka-icon-theme and budgie-desktop packages has been pushed to Debian for review. We are also preparing the other budgie-remix packages for direct inclusion into Ubuntu. We hope that these will make it into the 16.10 repos.

Regarding Arc Theme, all users should have received the updates for arc-theme and arc-firefox-theme by now, along with moka-icon-theme and faba-icon-theme packages.

Also, we have seen the video on YouTube claiming that budgie-remix’s memory profile is similar to Unity and GNOME Shell. We’ve tried to reproduce the environment and can confirm budgie-remix is lighter than both of those desktop-environments.  We also note that if you remove both GNOME Software and GNOME Calendar, then budgie-remix memory profile is similar to MATE and XFCE!

We’re also keeping an eye on Snappy development and how we can introduce snaps in the future.

New Team Members

2 new team members have joined our team Nikola “GrindamN” Stojić and Niyas C. Nikola has joined as part of the Community Management team and Niyas C as HTML/CSS Guru. Welcome to the team guys! 😊

Official Ubuntu Flavor Status

We’ve had discussion with the official Ubuntu Technical Board regarding our application to become an official flavor. The good news is that they’ve said it will be possible. Guidance to the team has been given; we need to include our packages officially into the Ubuntu repos and demonstrate – amongst other things – that we have a good track-record of updating these. We will be following these recommendation is the next weeks and months and will approach the technical board again.

Theme Poll

As you already know, we ship two themes by default, Arc and Vertex. We’ve recently added a poll on our Google+ page, asking you, which one of the two we should push to 16.10 repos. Most of you voted for Arc (57%)

Email Client Poll

We also added a poll on our Google+ page, asking you, if you use a email client and which one. Seems most of you do – and the favourite is Geary (41%)



Check out the new review done by AJ Reissig on YouTube:

We would like to thank AJ Reissig on pointing out the problems and what he liked and didn’t like about budgie-remix 16.04 release. 😊

DoomHound173 from DeviantArt, showed us how awesome her desktop looks with budgie-remix! 😃

DoomHound173's budgie-remix desktop