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budgie-remix puts you – our community – front and centre in everything we do.

All we ask in return is to spread the word!

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Our goal is very simple – to become an official Ubuntu community distro: Ubuntu Budgie

To do so we need to build a community – and that means you.

If you can help out in any way, from triaging bug reports on Launchpad, responding to help requests on reddit and Google+, packaging software, fixing bugs, etc.. then please use the Contact Us option below.  We would love to have you onboard.


Patreon is a great way to donate to us.  Alternatively, PayPal donations are also gratefully received.



  • Felix Haerer
  • Nerbiz Dijkstra
  • Paul Demers
  • Miguel Gago
  • Mikhail Mamrouski
  • Sami Kerim Galal
  • Robert Ely
  • Mark Boadey
  • Jitto P.Jose

David Mohammed (aka “fossfreedom”) will be the visible face of budgie-remix.  David is a Official Ubuntu member and community moderator on Ask Ubuntu.

We support opensource and any money raised will go towards opensource developers as well as budgie-remix itself.

Full Transparency is our goal – all money raised will be made visible here together with how your donations are used. Patreon donations will be made visible on confirmation of the donation received at the beginning of the next month. Paypal donations will appear ASAP after the donation is received.

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