Our goal is very simple – to become an official Ubuntu community distro: Ubuntu Budgie

To do so, we need to build a community. And that means – you.

If you can help out in any way, from triaging bug reports on Launchpad, responding to help requests on reddit and Google+, packaging software, fixing bugs etc, etc… then please use the Contact Us option. We would love to have you onboard.


  • Fundraiser

We have an urgent need for an aspiring team member willing to lead from the front and raise funds for budgie-remix.  These funds will make budgie-remix self sufficient and provide for a long-term platform for the distro.  Ideally we want to support not just the distro but all contributors – upstream projects such as GNOME and Solus

  • budgie-remix Bug Busters


We need your help! As the community grows we will have new members that need a little bit of help to get where they want to with their shiny new Budgie desktop.

If you’ve helped out on Ask Ubuntu/Unix & Linux stackexchanges and/or Ubuntu Forums then you already know how to tease out that extra bit of information to help someone to resolve their issue. Even if you haven’t but want to help out, this is an easy way to join in.

So, please put your hand-up and become a member of the budgie-remix bug busters team. Just login to your Launchpad account, visit our bug busters team page and click “Join the team”.

Many thanks!


  • Forthcoming Opportunities


More opportunities exist to help out budgie-remix. If these sound interesting to you, please put your hand up. We would love to have you on-board as part of the development team. We will expand on these in the next few weeks, so remember to keep checking out our Google+ community page.

  • Maintain a budgie-remix “fresh” PPA – this will contain the very latest budgie-desktop with tested patches from upstream and allows users access to the very latest budgie-desktop.  Full training is offered for anyone who is interested in creating patch files, adding to .deb files, building etc.

  • A small C based patch is required to allow us to show budgie-remix logo in the system Details screen. At the moment, it is hard-coded with the Ubuntu GNOME logo.

  • Make Totem beautiful – we need to hide the Ubuntu patch menu in favour of an app-menu.  This will need a C based patch.  Can you fix this bug?

  • A Vala based patch to launch Plank preferences from Raven: This will integrate Plank (if installed) better than the separate preferences menu option at the moment.

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript & Python opportunities exist to further develop our Welcome app

  • Debian packaging: We need help tidying up our existing Debian packages to make them ready for possible inclusion into Debian/Ubuntu

  • App-Indicator applet: Fancy having a go at adding app-indicator support for budgie-remix?

  • Applet to hide/show Rhythmbox when its started.  We need to replace the current obsolete rhythmbox tray-icon with a native budgie-desktop applet.

  • ISO testing: We are coming up to 16.04.1 & 16.10 alpha releases and we’ll need help testing our ISO images

  • Translators: We will need help translating our Welcome app and the budgie-remix Slideshow that you see on installation

  • Add to the budgie-desktop-environment repo a budgie-core metapackage. Basically installs the budgie-desktop, lightdm, lightdm-greeter and gnome-terminal packages, and that’s it. No wallpaper, icons, themes and other bells n’ whistles. This will be the ultimate customizable budgie-remix.


Filled Opportunities


  • Creative Writer


We suck at writing. You probably agree. So here is your chance to join the team. We are looking for someone who can turn our thoughts and dreams into writing (blog posts/newsletters/Google+ postings etc) that is interesting to everyone who uses Budgie desktop and those that we are trying to tempt. That is – the post of Creative Writer. Interested?

Just drop a reply or contact us privately in Contact Us page , Google + Community or David Mohammed. We would love to have you onboard. 😊

32 thoughts on “Opportunities

  1. we cannot get registered on your forums, the confirmation email never arrives. ( i am not the only one, there are other members on the telegram group with the same problem, someone please have a look.)


  2. Hi.
    I’d like to contribute to an English German translation.
    Is there also a possibility to test alpha/beta versions of the Ubuntu Budgie Remix?



  3. Hi all. I just saw the release and I can’t wait to try this distro out at home tonight. I am a marketing professional so if you still need any help with writing please let me know. Always happy to help


  4. by the way i like your distro but i think that it need more beutiful icons and you should change the LightDM Lock Screen and a blur effect in the left side of the filles manager and the notifications center will be a great add . but the general ideal is fantastic . tank you


    • Hi Ali,
      Thank you for your feedback, So we requires and we have open opportunity for make changes n LightDM Lock screen, So you will see LightDM changes in future. Keep in touch !


  5. Hi Dev dudes!!!
    Is it possible for someone with translation experience for PT-PT to also include the pre-reform portuguese? There’s rumors the gov. is going back to the good ol’ PT.
    I would if I could but I don’t have the time, sorry.

    One love mah bros


    • Hi Ali,

      yes we will need translators – both to translate the current live CD slideshow (ubiquity) and for the forthcoming welcome app.

      Thanks for your offer – we’ll contact you when we have the packages ready on launchpad.net for translation. 🙂


  6. Hi. Using Budgie-Remix and it’s really nice! I don’t see a forum or a place to submit questions. Does such a thing exist? Thanks!


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