We offer two releases – 16.10 and 16.04

16.10 is the current stable release and follows Ubuntu support cadence – Oct 2016 to July 2017

16.04 is community supported – it is supported until upstream ends support (no current plans) and thereafter, as long as budgie-remix users wish to maintain its support.

Support Ubuntu Budgie through getting your hands on shiny DVD media or an easy to use USB flash-drive:

Budgie-Remix/Ubuntu Budgie are available from in both DVD and USB formats.  By clicking through using the weblink you will support further Ubuntu Budgie development.  N.B. please use the link and not visit the site directly!


Support Ubuntu Budgie through Patreon or Paypal


Get the latest and greatest budgie-remix from our sourceforge repo:


Don’t like direct downloads? Don’t worry, we got u covered! Try our torrent downloads:

DOWNLOAD 16.10 64 bitDOWNLOAD 16.10 32 bit

DOWNLOAD 16.04 64 bitDOWNLOAD 16.04 32 bit

Please read the README for potential issues that may affect your installation of budgie-remix:

16.10 README
16.04 README