budgie-remix 16.04.2 released


It our pleasure to announce our next point release of our 16.04 edition.

This release builds on the shoulders of the fabulous Ubuntu 16.04.2.

budgie-remix 16.04.2 comes equipped with the HWE Kernel and X Graphics.  Appindicators are now the default. It also comes equipped with the latest budgie-welcome app to get you started quickly.  Lookout for our browser ballot screen allowing you to choose the best (in our opinion) supported web-browsers available for Ubuntu.

Budgie-desktop is the very latest v10.2.9 series and of course, much of the packages have been refreshed.

Our 16.04.2 edition is available in both 64bit and 32bit ISO form.  Torrents are also available.

Choose the edition that you need from our downloads page.

Please do appraise yourself of the README – important installation issues that we are aware of will be updated as and when we become aware of them.

… and before you ask – if you are already a budgie-remix 16.04 user just make sure you are fully up-to-date.  You do not have to reinstall.

If you are interested in installing the HWE kernel and graphics stack on your previously installed budgie-remix then open a terminal:

uname -a

If this says kernel 4.8 you are already running the HWE kernel

If the kernel is 4.4 then upgrade by running:

sudo apt install --install-recommends xserver-xorg-hwe-16.04

Obviously – if everything is working – then you should perhaps consider staying with the current 4.4 kernel – it is fully support by Canonical for the full five years of the LTS edition.


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